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Employers FAQ   (Job Seekers FAQ)

Find answers to commonly asked questions below.

How much job seeker traffic does your site get?

Traffic varies for each site in the HomeTown Careers Network. On average, each site delivers over 2,000 page views per day, and is growing.

What type of traffic is it?

Local job seekers. On average, about 80% of the resumes submitted to our sites are within the greater metropolitan area served by that site, resulting in a high regional specificity.

What types of jobs are they looking for?

We attract a broad range of occupations from technical to financial to sales and most other major job categories. While our Job Seekers tend to be mainly professional workers, an increasing percentage of entry-level workers are now able to access the Internet.

How do you attract your job seeker traffic?

Because each HomeTown Careers Network site links for free directly to the major local employers, job seekers can find jobs in their local area, and then apply directly to the companies they choose. This strategy gives us excellent relevance in search engine queries for example, type "Bay Area Jobs" into Google, and you'll see that our site is the first listing. Furthermore, as a free resource, hundreds of other websites have linked to our site, including universities, other jobs boards, local guide sites, personal sites and more.

What other promotion do you do?

Our model provides over 90% of our traffic from search engines, links from other sites, and word of mouth. We continue to run promotions including online promotions, career fairs, magazine ad partnering, and occasional public radio and TV interviews in targeted local markets.

How can I track the cost-effectiveness of your site?

In your My Company account, you can review the number of applications for each of your jobs, listings or other products. Job seekers will apply directly to you, either using their saved resume in their My Resume account, or applying directly to you through your web pages. For this reason, we recommend that you include a "source" field in your online application form to track these additional job seekers.

What is the difference between a Featured Employer Listing and a Featured Job Posting?

The featured employer listing links job seekers directly to the jobs web pages on your corporate site. Job seekers apply directly to you for jobs on your web site. Featured Job Posting is a job you post right on your local HomeTown Careers Network site. Linked to from the site home page and employer listing pages, job seekers apply directly to you for that job. An optional link in each posting links to your jobs web pages.

Can I search resumes?

We don't currently offer a searchable resume database. Our candidates apply directly to your jobs.

Can you give me some advice on an applicant tracking system for my company?

Yes were are the developers of the Resmatic 3 online applicant tracking and recruiting system. Resmatic 3 fully integrates into your corporate site and provides a password protected console for you and your team to search and track all your resumes. Take the tour!

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